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This user agreement is published on the basis of IT Act 2008, Section 43 A and IT Rules 2011 (Intermediary guidelines) which requires intermediaries for user agreement according to the SPDI (sensitive personal data or information). If you are accessing our website that indicates you are agreeing to the terms and agreements of the user according to the SPDI.

Terms Guidelines:

  1. I understand that my sensitive personal data or information is being collected for which purpose and totally agreed.
  2. I agreed for the name and address of the agency will be collecting, retaining and using the information.
  3. I understand about the option which i have not to provide the seeking information or data to be collected by
  4. I understand about the option (about services) to withdraw my Agreement which was given earlier to then it will not be provide the services for the seeking information.
  5. I agreed about the indented recipients of the information.
  6. I read and totally understood the “Privacy Policy” which is mentioned in this website.
  7. I read and understood the “Terms and Conditions” which are mentioned in this website.
  8. I read and understood the “Legal Disclaimer” and Intellectual Property Policy (IP Policy) which was mentioned in this website.


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