This financial year with a development of 32.5 per cent, many international fliers from Vizag airport may break all past records so far related to the corresponding months of financial year.

Regarding to the latest information of (Airport Authority of India) AAI on traffic flow April to December, International passengers heightened from 71,429 to 96,544.

Upcoming to the international aircraft movement from April to December of last and current economic year, the number has increased from 1,263 to 1,069 with 18.1 per cent growth. With much difference, the domestic aircraft movement has seen downturn this economic year with an unfavorable growth of 4.1 per cent, downturn from 13,444 to 12,893.

G. Prakash Reddy Vizag airport director expressed operations to Colombo and Kuala Lampur have heightened in frequency and attributed it to the heightened in the international fliers and forecast the number to advance more with introduction of international operations.

Arun Jaitley suggested to give an encouragement to Ude Desh Ka Aam Nagrik (UDAN), push to make air travel to India’s tier-II and tier-III cities more cheaper.

They are planning to put smaller cities and remote places on the aviation map, by getting domestic airlines to ply more regional routes. Following the scheme, the government offers incentives to airlines to launch new flights neglected smaller cities and remote area by providing feasibility gap funding to make these operations beneficial.

Air Odisha and Cruise two airlines utilize permission for operating Ude Desh Ka Aam Nagrik flights from Vizag airport connecting nearby cities. Anyhow operations will star shortly. “Vizag was in round 1 list and new ones are given a chance in number of rounds. I hope operators start shortly. As well with bus charges increase UDAN will further the increase footfall in the airport,” director expressed.



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