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At any circumstances users found with any suspicion activity knowingly and with intent that misleading with false information, fraud, deceives, incomplete and not genuine then hellovizag.in can reserve its own rights to go under civil / criminal proceedings against the member with prosecuted to the extent of the law. It also might affect with restrict, block or suspend your activity and cancel your individual or brand display name and disqualify user and related users from throughout this program.

A user who has been blocked or suspended, should not get register again or trying to attempt for registration in our website will be punished in any manner until the time of we restore the user. If any user trying to break or failing to observe a law of terms and agreement, Privacy Policy or other rules and policies, we reserve the rights to proceed in any manner to take strict legal actions regarding to the appropriate polices against the user.


We don’t endorse about others content or advertise in our website and we are not responsible. Any content with included any linked website, we provide as a only facilitator. We are not liable directly or indirectly for any events which are special, incidental, punitive, consequential damages whatsoever which arising in any manner that including for information, services or products which are placed in the content of the advertisements. We are not responsible or liable about the any loss or damage from the advertisements found across the Website, that dealings with warranties, conditions, terms, representations and more which are totally associated with such dealings between You and advertiser.


“Hello Vizag” Facebook page guidelines for Engagement with Comments, Reviews,

This is an another terms of Information Technology rules regarding to the Act, 2000 which are applicable with amended provisions in electronic records which doesn’t require any physical or digital signatures. Kindly see below for the basic guidelines.


We expect your response in respectful manner through the social media platform as we are encourage you to share your opinions on the HELLO VIZAG’S Facebook page. HELLO VIZAG would not comply with any comment posted by individuals on our pages. We go under the guidelines for moderation the comments as well as the context, and the process might be remove the certain comments which are made by individuals.

You are using HELLO VIZAG’S Facebook page means it represents your agreement to the Terms and Conditions below


You agree about to not act or transmit any comments, reviews, posts or engage in any manner that

  1. Violates our Terms and Conditions or Policies.
  2. Violates any right, including copyrights, right of privacy, right of publicity, trademark, trade secret, patent and any other intellectual property or proprietary rights.
  3. Will make abuse, threatening, harassing, harmful, indecent, Wrongful, discriminatory, vulgar, damage, profane, obscene, libellous, hateful and objectionable.
  4. Disguising or trying to disguise the origin of your content, comment, reviews, and posts with a fake or false name including but not limited to submit.
  5. Make wrong and inaccurate Constitutes or unethical review.
  6. Giving falsely state, worse, misrepresent your experience.
  7. Give results or Causes to a conflict typically.
  8. Makes commercial nature with not limited reviews, comments submitted in exchange or in terms of payment.
  9. Includes unknown language or materials that are not in English.
  10. Getting accesses of another user account without their permission.
  11. We always reserve the rights to modify or remove any engagement content like comment, review, posts that could be found extremely regarding to offensive or threatening.
  12. Showing a critical or Disrespectful attitude against “HELLO VIZAG” and its affiliates

All the contents like Comments, Replies, and Reviews on “HELLO VIZAG” website or Fb page will be gone to under reviews that may be disprove or deleted if any found of violation regarding to our guidelines. Repeated violation leads to block in Fb page.

Any content submitted by you on any social media, that subject to related Indian laws that are applicable for disable or that might be leads to further investigation.

If nay user found in any manner that against to the terms & conditions which are mentioned above, Hello Vizag have the rights to block or prevent immediately to access. Your engagement content like reviews, comment or replies will found in violation manner, we further have the rights to take appropriate action that would be under any circumferences.


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