The Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation (GVMC) uprising an e-health solution architecture and flourishing 122 primary and primary schools in coming days. The project will cover 10,200 students including about 9400 primary students and 800 upper primary students. The GVMC will also leverage existing government schemes like “Jawahar Bala Arogya Raksha” and “Rashtriya Bal Swasthya Karyakram” to meet their objectives.

The GVMC Commissioner, M. Hari Narayanan said,” medical teams will perform required screening tests to get on to the health conditions of the students, including growth and physical assessment”. Based on the health data of students, various checkpoints will be implemented to track the health conditions of the reffered students also, school-level- health benchmarks and healthy school rankings will be assigned.

The GVMC commissioner said that, “The project was undertaken under Vizag Smart City project. Education and sound health should be key instruments in aiding the future prospects of any student”. Hari Narayanan said, “The project also supports the theme of the Vizag Smart City -A Resilient and Healthy Metropolis for people”.

To all the students or to their parents a digital lock will be given so that they can access their health data whenever they required. The e-health solution architecture contains teleconsultation and a technical help desk to provide support to the user group that is for students and parents.

Besides receiving calls from users, also the desk will hold the responsibility of addressisng medical schemes, which help them go in for free treatments to the nearest medical centres. Apart from that, doctors and teachers will also be trained in adopting to this technology-enabled health monitoring system.

The State Government deicided to issue health cards for the students which contains their health information. There are 118 primary schools with a student strength of 9,414 in which 4530 are boys and 4884 are girls. Eventually there are fout upper primary schools with student strength of 881 in which 367 are boys and 514 are girls. So totally 10,295 students will be under this programme.