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HelloVizag Business Listings is a new placement on your listing page on that enables you to add your direct contact details. Your phone number, email address and website homepage can all be added.

It’s quick and easy, you can register in and add your details

Any visitor to HelloVizag site can read your reviews, view your profile and your profile picture. Your contact information will not be displayed to anyone publicly.

Consumers like to hear what other people think of a business before using it, and they like to spread the word about their own experiences. Businesses have always relied on this kind of word-of-mouth to get new customers, the only difference today is that it happens online. Ratings and reviews allow consumers to give businesses feedback, letting them know if they like what they’re doing and giving businesses a chance to respond with a comment.

A business can only have one Priority, Basic or free listing per business. You can only purchase a Priority or Basic listing under another physical location if you have an office, franchise or place of operation in that location. Proof will be required.
Each listing requires a business name, physical address (no PO Boxes) and phone number. An email address is advisable if you have one. If you’re an online business we’ll need your head office address. If you don’t want to display your address it can be suppressed.

That’s right; however it is a directory listing with a difference. It is on a page where our viewers come to look at guest ratings, reviews and photos. If you have put in the hard work to earn good reviews from your guests, these listings will allow you to capitalize on them.

You can do this – simply go to your Home page and click on add your listing, select your plan, Enter your listing details and you will find Listing Categories, there you can fill the required information about the listing type.

HelloVizag is visited by a large number of visitors every day and it is on top position. This makes the visitor easy for listing various places. Travellers trust the views of other travellers and, in a one-click culture; they are used to accessing further information simply and easily. They will now be just one keystroke away from your website to see that information.

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